Songs For Work & Play Vol. 2

by Eric Sherman

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Volume 2 in the Songs for Work & Play series.

Songs For Work & Play (n) - Contemporary work songs meant to be hummed, sung, or yelled; usually while working, or celebrating in a group of 3 or more.

Independent studies have shown that morale among a working group increases by 2 or 3 orders of magnitude while said individuals are singing Songs For Work & Play.


released September 5, 2015

Tracks 1 & 2 written by Eric Sherman
Track 3 written by Memphis Slim
All instruments performed and recorded by Eric Sherman
Tracks 1 & 3 feature the Hudson Valley Young Farmers' Choir: Chonnie Buckles, Giavanna, Chutt Beeksman, Mikey “Skrilla” de Paolo, Del Mad, Brendan BAP Paholak, G-Funk, Sara “Two-Pat” Black, Nosh La Jestor
Track 1 also featuring Dan Wall as "The Man"
Track 1 Mixed & Mastered by Jared Paul
Tracks 2 & 3 Mixed & Mastered by Fritz Schwartz
Cover art by Nurya Chana



all rights reserved


Eric Sherman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Eric Sherman is a multi-instrumentalist and composer. He specializes in farmer funk: food taken through the eardrums meant to build soils around the world. He currently resides in Philadelphia where he teaches children numbers, shapes, and how to garden. ... more

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Track Name: The Agrarian Crucible: A Millennial Vignette
Once upon a time, there was a twenty-something
They were in distress, they were feeling humpty-dumpty
They went outside to go searching for a remedy
They tried on for size an agrarian identity
The sun was beating high and their back was aching.
finally they went home for the meal that they were making.
They drank from the well and ate gluten-free breadsticks.
As they sat down at the table, one of them said this:

Look out! (loo, look out), We’re in the crucible now!
Watch out! (wa, watch out) It’s a beautiful day to make diamonds out of clay

There was a man who came around and said,
“Apples and honey! I’ve got me some land and I’ve got me some money.
I need your help to build me an earthly paradise.
I’ll pay for it once, hell I’ll pay for it twice”
Now, before you sign the dotted line won’t you pass through these tests.
How do you deal with worry, fear, and stress?
And do you like poop as much as you like your cash?
And who deals with the trash?

Do the work & I do the play,
Do the dirt aalllllll day.
Talking clear and listen close,
A crucible is what we grow.
Track Name: I Can See
I can see within my eye
World that sings and wounds that cry
I can hear within my ear
The sound of laughter and tears

Give me something I can hold
Show me something I can see
A mind of fire and a heart of gold
One moment rough, another tenderly

I’m living like my life depends
On worthy means and worthy ends
What will be in front of me here,
In five or ten or one hundred years

Look like a pauper and eat like a king
Work and sweat and all day sing
Cook like a chef and live like a queen
A body to use and a mind to dream